Our Mission

“Throught the generations – family serving families.”

Scott McAulay Family New Options Funeral Service is family owned and operated. We are three generations working side by side to not only serve each family’s needs but to continue on the tradition of service. Our mission is to honor each loved one, and serve each family with a Christ like heart.

We desire that each and every person who meets with us to leave knowing they received the care and attention they need. We do not set time limits for our families, nor do we work off commission. Our staff focuses on meeting the needs of families not our bottom line.

Why are we different?

We have watched many family funeral homes sell to larger corporations over the years. While these places may be efficient, they lack the personal touch that small family business can give their families.

Time limits are often imposed on families that are grieving. Staff members are often sales people disguised as counselors. The more a family spends the more they get paid. They often push for the up sell and guilt families into spending more than they wanted. Merchandise is also marked up as much as 200%.

When we started, originally under the name New Options Funeral Service, our goal was to offer families the same quality products and services at a fraction of the cost. We took the company back to the roots of the profession and focused more on serving the grieving family than uping the profit.

People have been responding to this model for 20 years. We serve families over and over again and they tell others about their experience.

As we continue to step into the changing future of the funeral industry we will do so with one thing at the heart of our company: service.