Rev. Dr. Lloyd J. Strelow

Jul 21, 1937 - Jul 28, 2022

Rev. Dr. Lloyd J. Strelow

July 21, 1937 - July 28, 2022


Reverend Doctor Lloyd Strelow, affectionately known to his parishioners as “Pastor Strelow,” began preaching as a child, from the pulpit of Zion Lutheran Church in Litchfield, Illinois (where his father was the pastor).

Born Lloyd Julius Strelow, on July 21, 1937, to Louise and Julius Strelow; he later became a teacher and married the Love of his life, Joyce Strelow.

As a registered nurse, Joyce helped support the family while Lloyd attended the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod’s seminary at Springfield, Illinois.

Lloyd was a vicar at Saint Peter Lutheran Church (1963-1964), Big Rapids, Michigan under the mentorship of Pastor Wiese; and had a local radio ministry that was broadcast from the Ferris State University campus.

In 1965, Pastor Strelow graduated from Concordia Seminary, Springfield Illinois with a Bachelor of Divinity degree.
Pastor Strelow’s first parish after graduating from the seminary was at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fremont, Michigan where his daughter Becky was born.

Pastor Strelow served as a summer camp chaplain in Indian River, Michigan, before pastoring (beginning in 1970) at his second church: St. John Lutheran Church in Cheboygan, Michigan (where he won the “Reddest Beard Award” during the City’s centennial celebration in 1971).

Led by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Strelow then accepted a call (in 1973) to the congregation at St. John Lutheran Church in Covina, California.

Pastor Strelow was then called (in 1984) to Peace Lutheran Church in Tustin, California where he came to know many of those attending this service, today.

While serving the community in Tustin, Pastor Strelow become a police chaplain with the Tustin Police Department and rode with officers in the field.

Moving (in 2000) to Hemet, California with his wife, Pastor Strelow then pastored at Shepherd of The Valley Lutheran Church in Anza, California (where would bring his grandson Matthew to worship).

After “retiring” in 2004, Pastor Strelow continued to serve on the pastoral staff of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Hemet, CA. His last sermon was preached in 2017 from that pulpit, in honor of the 500th anniversary of the reformation of the Christian church through God’s servant, Martin Luther.

Pastor Strelow was privileged to preach from Martin Luther’s own pulpit in Wittenberg, Germany, a few years prior to the 500th Reformation Anniversary.

Pastor Strelow received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne Illinois in 1982.
Reverend Doctor Lloyd Strelow has written books on Lutheran catechism and Christian faith, including Powerful Love; and edited a Gospel songbook, bringing familiar Christian hymns into the Lutheran worship.

A formidable preacher, Rev. Dr. Lloyd Strelow had written homiletical studies for the Concordia Theological Quarterly as a resource for pastors writing their sermons.

Pastor Strelow constantly focused on sharing the Gospel message with all people, having a cheerful duty to bring others to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior from sin, death, and destruction.

Pastor Strelow spoke about the grace of God through Christ Jesus whenever he preached, and he sought to teach the basics of the Christian faith to all those who were seeking to know God.

As a Lutheran minister, he had a passion for serving the sick and “shut-in.” Even when he became bedridden and unable to attend church, Pastor Strelow would remind his family to trust in God.


Sat, Aug 27, 2022 at 1:00 pm
Immanuel Lutheran Church of Orange

802 E Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92866

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